Maintain face-to-face contact with our video conference solution

We deliver cloud-native communications and collaboration solutions for the enterprise. Our end-to-end portfolio includes everything businesses need to unify people and processes within an intuitive, cloud-based environment.

Video Conferencing: Video Meetings

Minimize travel costs, and maintain face-to-face contact with our video conference solution, Video Meetings. Unlike other video conferencing tools, Video Meetings is entirely browser-based and requires zero downloads to use. Joining an
online meeting is as simple as clicking a meeting website link on your desktop, mobile, or tablet device, whether you are an internal or external guest.
• Online Meeting Accessibility Via Any Device, Computer, Laptop, Tablet and Phone
• Share Any Content, Video Clips, Audio, Documents, Presentations and More
• Supports Web, Full HD Video and Dial-in Users
• Seamless, Browser-based Videoconferencing Access
• Personal Meeting Room IDs For All Registered Users
• Simultaneous Screen Sharing During Video Meetings
• Robust Scheduling
• Virtual Lobby and Host Management Of Attendee List
• Audio, Screen, Microphone, Touch To Talk, Camera Toggling and More Controls
• Instant Videoconferencing Meetings From Anywhere With Anyone
• Secure Voice, Video and Screen Sharing From Any Device
• Seamless Integration With Team Hub
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Team Collaboration Software - Team Hub

Nerve Center For Collaboration, Teamwork and Hyper-productivity
• Let go of email with the ability to message in channels and groups. Bring together internal and external members
• Share and collaborate with files and other content
• Make work more productive with tasks, notes, and other productivity solutions
• Connect more deeply with video meetings and screen sharing
• Use built-in workflow tools to streamline your daily activities
• Integrate your toolkit of solutions into one business productivity and collaboration platform
Contact us to learn more about Team Hub and how it can help you drive teamwork, productivity, and streamline your team’s efficiency.
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Service Insight: Your Customer Service Solution

Prioritizing Customer Analytics and Engagement
Service Insight is our cloud-based customer service solution designed to elevate the customer engagement experience by providing in-depth customer analytics to every department. It provides the infrastructure for all employees in your organization to help optimize customer experience and engagement with your brand, allowing you to base business decisions on customer analytics.
• Cloud-based Deployment
• Web-based Agent Desktop
• Full-featured Auto Attendant and Unlimited Queues
• Supports Remote Customer Service Professionals
• Supervisor Heads Up Display
• Supervisor Agent Monitoring
• Queue Monitoring and Dashboards
• Post-call Review
• Net Promoter Score (NPS)
• Historical Data and Trend Analysis Call Center
• Queue Creation Wizard Tool
Star2Star’s Service Insight is the customer service solution that will elevate your customer engagement and brand experience. Learn more about Service Insight today!
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