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Enjoy internet speed 10X faster than our competition

Enjoy the absolute fastest internet technology and take advantage of incredible internet speed to maximize your productivity and connect with your happy moments and loved ones easily. Fibnet delivers blazing fast internet speed, whether for downloads, uploads, streaming, learning, gaming, video conferencing, or keeping your home security intact. We bring pure, direct internet into your home.

A better way to stream the internet

We hand you a better way to stream the internet with fast internet speed and advanced security. Fibnet gives you control, speed, coverage, and security, all in one package. Fibnet internet has a lot of perks to offer you. It's affordable, fast, everything you desire and more.

Fastest WiFi at your fingertips

Run on the fastest internet speed across multiple devices. Get wall-to-wall coverage on the Fibnet WiFi internet service. You and your household members can begin to enjoy fast speed even when you are all online at the same time. Everyone connected to the WiFi enjoys maximum speed altogether.

Easy parental control

Protect your loved ones from getting exposed to unsafe content. On Fibnet , you can be your own WiFi boss. You can control browsing features, network preference, and set downtime schedules for connected devices, all to keep your loved ones protected.

An affordable and flexible plan that fits your need

Get great deals on Fibnet internet bundles. Affordable plans with an unlimited browsing experience. Explore our internet packages to find the plan that best suits your needs. Whether for individual, family, or business, we have the perfect plan for you.

Advanced network security

Our internet package guarantees advanced network security to keep your devices protected all round the clock. You can also be the master of your WiFi by accessing security settings on your device. You can relax and enjoy maximum, speed, coverage, and security on Fibnet right there in your home.

For personal

  • Start with our fast and pwerful Home Hub
  • Enhance your coverage with Wi-Fi pods from our exclusive line-up
  • Easily manage your home network with the Bell Wi-Fi App
  • 15x faster upload speeds than oter major providers

For small business

  • Wall-to-wall coverage
  • With speeds of upto 940 Mbps with 100% fiber straight to your business
  • Online Protection and Support
  • Easily manage your Wi-Fi network including guest access , password updates, and more with the Bell Wi-Fi App

For medium & large business

  • Reliabe connection
  • Multiple access options
  • Customizable service to meet your business needs
  • Unlimited Range
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