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Tap into high-quality cloud comms by Fibnet . Interconnect directly and securely within and outside your environment. We are solving all your connectivity problems with our mobility solution...

Buying a new device or bringing your own device? Enjoy the best network anyway.

You no longer have to deal with issues with network coverage and performance in your home or at work. Our mobility solution increases your productivity and gives you fast and easy access to applications and other networks whenever you need them.

Our mobility solution is a convenient connectivity access for your entire home. You can now have a convenient shared phone line in your home to connect you with your family, friends, and emergency readily and easily. With this, you can have reliable connectivity wherever you are.

Enjoy simplified plan options on mobile

Enjoy unlimited data for yourself and your family. We have the perfect plan to help you enjoy great internet value for less money. You can call and text from your smartphone, tablet, and other mobile devices.

Cloud phone system

Fibnet delivers advanced routing capabilities. Aside from allowing you to make calls and receive calls over the internet, you also get cloud features including auto attendant, virtual extension, voicemail, and answering rules. Fibnet VOIP is a central hub to help you do communication better.

Save more on internet services

Enjoy unlimited call, text, and blazing fast internet speed on your new device or current device. Fibnet offers the best rates you won't find anywhere.

Get on the brighter side

Say your goodbye to slow network, failed connectivity, bad reception, or rationalized data. You can add your phone and TV to your mobility bundle to enjoy cool features.

One mobility solution for secure connectivity

One service provider. Multiple users. One bill. Anywhere and anytime.

On the move? Let’s go

Stay connected even on the move and roam easy on Fibnet . Fast and secure communication always, even while you travel the world. Access your voice calls anywhere with the strongest internet connection.

We have a robust and secure network

Enjoy advanced security on all your calls and mobility solution. We offer reliable security you can count on.

VoiP Phones and Fax

  • Pure Cloud Architecture
  • Intutive Management
  • Multi-Location Flexibility
  • Proprietary Network Backbone
  • Fax Solution

Collaboration solution

  • Built-in Chat
  • Crystal-clear Audio & Video
  • Seamless User Experience
  • Single-screen Presence Management
  • In-depth Analytics
  • Contact Center Integrations
  • Cloud-based Deployment

Call center solutions

  • Standalone & Integrated Platforms
  • Barge,Monitor & Whisper Features
  • Cloud-based Recordings
  • Real-time Displays
  • In-depth Reporting

Business Continuity

  • Built-in Business Continuity
  • Auto attendants continue to operate ,deliverig messages to customers or redirecting their calls
  • Custom Alternative Endpoints
  • Cloud,Voice, and Data Optimization
  • Integrated 24/7/365 monitoring and remote management
  • Direct Peering with 150+ Apps

Mobile solution

  • Make and Take Calls on any device
  • All the features you need, wherever you are
  • Mobile Fax

Desktop solutions

  • Custom Integrations
  • Mult-device Access
  • Built-in-Security
  • Application Agnostic
  • Adaptive Desktop
  • Vertical-Specific Customization
  • Multiple User Account Types
  • Star2Star Application Framework integration
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